• 3.6 centimetre thick sandwich-type insulating hatch, white on both sides


  • made of pine wood
  • stiffened in the corners with a spring catch
  • fitted with a circumferential gasket


  • made of pine wood


  • connected via dovetail, which ensures greater durability of connections
  • special anti-slip grooves

Available sizes:

60x111, 60x120, 70x111, 70x120 [cm].

Energy Efficiency

The 3.6 centimetre thick insulating hatch, white on both sides, reduces heat loss considerably.

Excellent tightness

The box has been equipped with a seal that guarantees the maintenance of great tightness.

Safety of use

The grooves on the surface of the steps prevent slipping down during ascent and descent.

Comfortable to use

metal handrail increases comfort and safety of stairs’ use




  • Maximum load 150kg
  • Ladder width 38cm
  • Step width 7cm
  • Step length 34cm
  • Distance between steps 25cm
  • Hatch thickness 3.6cm
  • Box height 14cm
  • Heat transmission coefficient*  U=1.13W/m2K

*according to producer’s internal testing