If you’re wondering how to choose roof windows, please familiarize yourself with the information below:


Select windows easily
For warm, comfortable ambience we recommend COMFORT, PLUS and PREMIUM THERMO In accordance with contemporary, minimalist design; for use in humid rooms (bathrooms, kitchens) we recommend
For unheated rooms ROOF ACCESS WINDOWS
What to take into account?
Roof inclination angle - between 15 and 90 degrees Material used in roofing - flashing selection depends on this Humidity inside the room - wood or PCV frames?
Number of roof windows Ventilation requirements and heating type
How many do I need?

The surface area of roof windows should be roughly 10% of the surface of the room.

• What size do I need?

In large rooms, it is optimal to place two smaller windows instead of a single large one. This solution, apart from allowing more light to enter, is more aesthetically pleasant both from the inside and the outside.