Internal and external blinds are products of the highest quality, perfectly matched to RoofArt windows.

They are distinguished by an extremely simple installation process – just follow the instructions that come with each roller blind. Roller blinds are covered by a 2-year warranty, with the exception of an external roller blind (SHR) covered by a 10-year warranty.


In order to determine the exact size of the window and roller blind, please open the window and look at the plate located in the upper part of the window frame.

Blackout blinds (DUR)

High quality roller blind with almost full blackout effect. Guides made of aluminium ensure easy and precise positioning of the roller blind in any position.

Shading blinds (RHR)

High quality roller blind with a slight darkening effect, made of polyester material.

External blinds (SHR)

External roller blind for safety, damping of noise from the outside and protection against heating. Electrically controlled by remote control included in the set.

Awning (MIR)

Outdoor awning to protect against excessive sunlight without restricting view.