First of all, you should check whether the available space is sufficient for the attic stairs to open fully. Ceiling stairs unfold not in a straight line, but in an arc, increasing the necessary amount of space.

Remember that placing attic stairs so that after unfolding they will be near the wall itself may hinder comfortable access to the attic space.

The opening should be adjusted to the size of the staircase box – this can be done through proper placement of small wooden beams placed perpendicularly to the floor beams.


Steps required for the installation of attic stairs:

  1. fitting of the main box to the small beams.
  2. fitting and installation of the vapour insulating flange.
  3. adding assembly patches at the shorter edges of the opening.
  4. supporting the stairs on the assembly patches.
  5. affixing the stairs to the small beams
  6. dismantling the assembly patches.
  7. filling the gaps around the box with wool.
  8. cutting the steps of the ladder to the required height.
  9. assembly of the hatch.